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Ceramic Mini Candle Holders

Ceramic Mini Candle Holders

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Colorful mini candle holders. They come in an array of colors for any mood and occasion.

  • Red - root chakra - survival and groundedness
  • Orange - sacral/womb chakra - personal power and prosperity
  • Yellow - solar plexus/stomach chakra - self esteem and personal boundaries
  • Green - heart chakra - love of all kinds
  • Blue - throat chakra - communication and surrendering to the Divine
  • Dark Blue/Violet - 3rd eye/Pineal - intuition
  • Purple - Crown chakra - higher self/connection to the Divine
  • Grey/Black - Grounding and protection
  • White - Clarity and new beginnings

Each candle holder comes with 2 like color candles. 

When you are struggling with a certain area of your life - pick the color that resonates with you and light the candle while also praying for support in that area. Allow the candle to burn out completely and trust that you are supported. 

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