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Hematite Stone Thread

Hematite Stone Thread

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The thread of beautiful Hematite can be used in jewelry, used to place in your hair or other body adornment or used to to in spiritual prayer moments.

Hematite is a grounding stone known for protection and stability. This iron ore crystal, part of the trigonal crystal system, has a metallic sheen and comes in various colors. Hematite grounds and protects, creating a sense of safety and security. It enhances courage, strength, endurance, and energy. This stone stimulates attention, focus, memory, and original thought. It is calming for those feeling nervous or restless, removing deep-seated anxieties and promoting a calm demeanor. Hematite instills tenacity, resolve, and the courage to express one's views. It helps eliminate negative thoughts, fosters logical thinking, and improves relationships by dissolving negativity. Hematite is powerful in addressing shyness, boosting self-esteem, and promoting survival instincts, willpower, and confidence. Additionally, it aids in overcoming overindulgence, compulsions, and addictions like overeating and smoking.


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